We are thrilled to announce the launch of this special one-on-one experience with designer Kate Sutton.

Kate believes each piece of jewellery tells a story. Allow Kate to unlock your story with a very special and personal consultation.

You will draw upon your life journey, passions and dreams in a creative session like no other. No one knows the story of your life like you so let's delve in and bring to life an investment piece of jewellery that has meaning,

This is the 'next level' in jewellery design. Free your mind to create the design you've always wanted or perhaps bring in a stone that's been in the family for a generation.

Here are some of the life stories we've  co-created. 

From an antique ring gifted by a cherished grandmother, a new white gold 21st ring for a great grand daughter is born... 

 From an eternity ring and antique ring in the family jewellery box, a new 18ct gold heirlooom pendant with diamonds and engraved family members is born.. 



"  Working with Kate was like going back through my family history and reminiscing about the stones and pieces I no longer wear.. what she designed and I now wear on my finger is now an heirloom for my family.. the experience was incredibly joyful..  "

 Please note, the bespoke jewellery experiance is not a re-modelling service but rather a re-imagining of your jewellery into heirlooms.

Prices start from $1200 and we only work in solid gold or platinum. Unique Engagement and wedding rings for both men and women are our specialty. 

"Invest in your history, wear the story of your life" Kate Sutton

 To book an experience with Kate hit the green button above and book now. 

Please note that all designs remain the property of Uberkate until an order is placed and the cost of the consultation fee will be deducted from the final price of your design upon completion of your piece.