"Charity begins at home and my beautiful parents have instilled this ethos into me” says Kate.

“My mother is a two time Leukaemia survivor and is a celebrated and awarded driver for the Leukaemia Foundation and my father is a group leader at Saleability an organisation who provides disabled people the opportunity to sail and experience something where their disability is not considered a limitation.

“For most of my life I have known in my soul that I wanted to return the love, support, self belief and ideology that I could do and be anyone" a belief that was instilled in Kate by her parents.

Her own experience with a non malignant brain tumour in her 20’s after suffering a stroke at her workplace at radio 2GB in Sydney ignited Kate’s empathy for giving back and being a community member who “can”. “I will be forever grateful for the care and support I was shown during my own illness, it instilled in me a resilience that I know I can inspire and support others with”

Three years ago Kate was invited to participate in a program held at a High School in western Sydney. Her involvement saw her engaging on a personal level with a group of disadvantaged female teenagers and to share her inspiring story.

This chance encounter and its impact on Kate have resulted in Kate being an official Ambassador and mentor at @globalsisters 

Uberkate Global Sisters

“I know that at the end of my life, my work with Global Sisters will be one of my proudest achievements.”

Our hairy audacious goal at Global Sisters is "1 million lives improved, 100,000 women out of poverty by 2025.”

Global Sisters addresses the gap in our society where financially excluded women have limited options and no hope. We offer a flexible, innovative solution to income generation that harnesses their potential as entrepreneurs. Through their own success, our Sisters become role models who stand tall as leaders within their communities creating a ripple effect of positive change for generations.

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For more information on Global Sisters or how you can be involved in this inspiring organisation, visit the Global Sisters website

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